I’m saddened to hear another young man has taken their life, as their journey had gotten too much for them. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends at this sad time
I can sympathize with this young man, as many a time, when i was younger, i too had these terrible thoughts. Thankfully, i never succeeded with any of the attempts.
I know as a small town, there is not much support for people who have sunken down to these depths of despair, but I think as a community we have a part to play in helping people who have these thoughts and feelings, by setting up support groups that are easy to find, and where someone can come and share their struggles and get signposted to the appropriate place.
It’s not a sign of weakness asking for help, I know it can be extremely hard, maybe embarrassing, but I beg you, if you are struggling please reach out to a family member, friend, work colleague, or doctor . I need you to know, you are not alone, there is someone out there who will understand, and be by your side. You will not be judged by the right people, you deserve to be helped and listened to. You deserve to live your life free of worries and know you are a valued human being.
Be safe, be well, and keep on fighting even if you feel your fight is over, it never is, you are stronger than you realize and deserve the care and love that is out there.
I am putting some numbers for you to contact if you need.
talk to the SAMARITANS if your struggling 116 123.


If you need help urgently but are not at risk of death or serious illness, call the NHS non-emergency advice line.
Call 111
Text “SHOUT” to 85258 or visit Shout Crisis Text Line

DIAL 999

In a life-threatening emergency, phone the emergency services and ask for an ambulance.
Call 999


If you are under 35 and feel that life is not worth living any more, call Papyrus’s HopelineUK from 9am to 10pm weekdays and 2pm to 10pm on weekends.
Call HopelineUK on 0800 068 41 41
Text 07786 209697

12 thoughts on “PEOPLE IN CRISIS

  1. Thank you for the reminder. This is a very important message. We all need to do our part, especially this time of year.

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  2. Thank you for helping people and I truly feel it and always will win over my negative thoughts, Though, people who needs help they really want to look for it and get it.

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