Homework really works!!!!!!!!!!

Homework really works!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, hope this catches you all in an upbeat and positive way.

Well, i have something interesting to share with you all. As you may be aware from my previous blogs, I am currently partaking in CBT therapy. It is a one to one session, and i am learning so much from it all.

Now I have never been academically minded, and came out of school without much to show for my many years at school. So when my therapist sets me homework, it can be a bit of a challenge.

I have learned a lot of coping strategies through various courses i have done, so when my CBT therapist sets me homework, i try to do my best and do it.

Well, last week she set me some homework, which i took on board and was determined to complete. This did not go according to plan!!

I spent most of the week cursing her, and thinking that she had set me up big time!

So I shall share with you what made me feel this way. She asked me to make a list. A list of evidence of the negative things i thought to myself.

My main thoughts are, I am no good, I am not good enough, and I always make mistakes because im useless.to anyone.

I thought it would be an easy task, but was dumbfounded when i realized, there was no evidence to justify what i was thinking and feeling about myself.

My therapist had set me up!!!! Yes in a very very good way, but what a simple and effective way to make me see things from a different perspective.

So my visit with her yesterday, was very interesting too. She asked me for my homework, with a little smile on her face, i looked at her and said, I was still in the process of doing it, as i could not believe that i could not find any evidence at all. With her smile on her face, she replied, i thought that would be the case.

Now don’t get me wrong, this was not a trick on her part, she is a highly trained therapist, and knows what she is doing, obviously. But something so simple, has blown me away. Yes i am still trying to find evidence, but now I am smiling, because i cannot find any at all. And that’s a good thing!

So when you think about it, all the negativity we aim at ourselves, is totally wrong. Think about it, wheres the evidence!!!

30 thoughts on “Homework really works!!!!!!!!!!

  1. It really is amazing how a simple strategy can make such a positive impact! Glad to hear your session went well and I wish you well for further sessions 🙂

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  2. I have done CBT. Your therapist was right. Our negative thoughts are never true. I have these same thoughts and I switch them with positive thoughts and let the negative thoughts float away until they are gone.

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      1. It will. It takes practice. I had to learn how to be aware of the negative thoughts before I realized those thoughts weren’t really describing me. You will get there

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  3. I have done cbt. Your therapist is right. Our negative are never true. I try to switch them with positive thoughts and let the negative thoughts float away until they are gone

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